Game Master

A very good game cracking/cheating software, by HongKong people. But, it's childish to use such program. Lots of ways out there, instead of using this. Suitable for computer newbies.
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 1.35MB] [Date Added: 17/08/1999]


Angel Empire 2 (Editor's Pick)

Very cute, Dos based, RPG game. Chinese Version. Got Episod 3? 
(King Yong, this is yours!)
[Download1] [Download2] [Size: 6.05MB] [Date Added: 07/04/2002]


Airport Management 2 (Editor's Pick)

Never find an old Dos game like this ever! Chinese Version. Where are those game designer? (Thanx to Jeffery who reminds me the game's chinese name)
[Download1] [Download2] [Size: 1.66MB] [Date Added: 05/04/2002]


Spider Solitaire

You should have missed this game if you don't have Windows XP. Requirements: Windows 95/98 (Thanx to Raymond's computer with Windows XP, but I think he don't know about this game :> )
[Download] [Freeware] [Size: 260KB] [Date Added: 24/03/2002]


Whip The Worker 2

Wanna find somebody to punch? (Raymond's Favorite :p )
[Download] [Homepage] [Freeware] [Size: 699KB] [Date Added: 13/06/2001]


Hopmon (Editor's Pick)

The Best arcade game for kids! It's totally 3D!! By Japanese.
[Download] [Homepage] [Size: 999MB] [Date Added: 22/11/2001]


The Three Kingdoms 2 (Editor's Pick)

Historical Simulation Series from the Korean's KOEI. This is what we played 10 years ago. Dos based, English version. (Thanx to Jeffrey)
[Download] [Size: 634KB] [Date Added: 15/05/2002]


God (Editor's Pick)

Horizontal arcade sliding game. Dos based. Best for kids. (Thanx to Jeffrey)
[Download] [Size: 977KB] [Date Added: 15/05/2002]


Chinese Chess

It consists of super AI, espeacially from level 5 and above. Dos based, 10 years old game. (Thanx to Jeffrey)
[Download] [Freeware] [Size: 10KB] [Date Added: 15/05/2002]



Any kid wanna learn typing? It's fun, easy & attracting. The most important is: no need to pay tuition fee :) (Thanx to TTSS)
[Download] [Freeware] [Size: 952KB] [Date Added: 15/05/2002]


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