AdBin (Editor's Pick)

Remove Advertisements & Banners from web page. (Thanx to Jeffrey)
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 514KB] [Date Added: 14/09/2001]


Talk-it (Editor's Pick)

Who said your computer can't talk to you? (becoz you are idiot)
[Homepage] [Freeware] [Size: 362KB] [Date Added: 14/01/2002]


Dynamic Frames

Just if you need several wallpapers to be displayed on your desktop.
[Download] [Shareware] [Size: 249KB] [Date Added: 19/04/2002]



Rename multiple files in one shoot. Variety functions included.
[Homepage] [Download] [Freeware] [Size: 180KB] [Date Added: 01/05/2002]



Wanna see a spicy girl dancing right on your screen?
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 1.81MB] [Date Added: 27/10/2001]


Download Accelerator Plus (Editor's Pick)

Still using Getright? Gozilla? Try this! Accelerate your download speed today! (Thanx to Steven.)
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 1.32MB] [Date Added: 13/07/2001]


Virtual Drive

Wanna play a game without using CD? Don't use it if you are computer newbies. Not every CD works, but most. (Thanx to Raymond)
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 5.69MB] [Date Added: 23/01/2000]


Wallmaster (Editor's Pick)

Change the desktop wallpaper every time Windows start up.
[Homepage] [Freeware] [Size: 922KB] [Date Added: 06/02/2000]


ACDSee (Editor's Pick)

The Best Image-Viewer software!
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 4.03MB] [Date Added: 17/06/1999]


MpegDJ Encoder (Editor's Pick)

Wanna rip some CD songs into MP3? No problemo!! (Thanx to Raymond)
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 2.39MB] [Date Added: 28/05/2000]


VCD Cutter

Just like its name: cut your VCD into slices :p
I have even extracted MP3 from my Karaoke. But don't do this if you are newbies.
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 1.35MB] [Date Added: 30/06/2000]



Turns your computer into a fax machine that sends and receives faxes
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 33.6MB] [Date Added: 31/12/1998]


RZSplit (Editor's Pick)

Oh! you wanna split a Big file into several small files to be stored in Diskettes? (Thanx to Jeffery)
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 1.06MB] [Date Added: 11/08/1998]



Tansfers files between your computer and FTP sites
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 1.97MB] [Date Added: 01/03/2001]


Capture Express (Editor's Pick)

Capture any image on your desktop.
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 706KB] [Date Added: 27/02/2001]


TweakUI (Editor's Pick)

A simple tweaking software for Windows 95/98. ADVANCED user only!
[Download] [Freeware] [Size: 79KB] [Date Added: 15/11/1998]



Download the entire web site. (Thanx to Jeffrey)
[Homepage] [Shareware] [Size: 843KB] [Date Added: 25/06/1998]


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